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Joint Problems in Toes

Pain in The Big Toe Joint

Do you have pain in the big toe joint at the base of the big toe where your big toe attaches to your foot? 

This pain may be as a result of a bunion. The base of the toe and the head of the metatarsal, the long bone of the foot, are a type of ball and socket joint with the base of the toe, the socket, and the head of the metatarsal, the ball. Because of instability with various joints and resulting poor foot mechanics, the joints of the forefoot can move out of proper alignment.  A bunion deformity can cause the first toe to push inward against the second toe causing a hammer toe deformity.  A bony bump forms on the outside of the foot at the base of the big toe.  This is a bunion deformity.

Bunions are often inherited and can worsen over time. Left untreated, the foot loses the ability to support and balance the body properly resulting in further complications. Shoes do not cause bunions but they can make them worse by being tight. Bunions cause pain, swelling, skin irritations and can make comfortable shoe fitting and wearing nearly impossible.

Although bunions most commonly form at the base of the first toe, the same problem can also occur at the base of the fifth toe.  

Arthritis can occur in the joint of the big toe leading to pain, swelling, enlargement of the joint on the top and sides leading to reduced joint motion, destruction of joint cartilage, and eventually a stiffening of the joint.

There are a number of different types of bunions with surgical treatments designed to address each type.

An accurate diagnosis is the first step towards developing a lasting treatment of the problem.  This involves a complete medical history, a physical exam of the feet, and x-rays to help determine the type, severity and treatment plan to correct the problem.

If surgery is recommended, the type of problem and how the surgery will address the problem and correct the problem is thoroughly explained with all questions about recovery, potential risks, potential complications,  rehab and recovery at the time of the surgical consultation.