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Ingrown Nails

Ingrown Toenails

One of the more common problems is ingrown nails. It is one of the condition that we address the most.

Ingrown toenails are painful. Our efficient outpatient treatment has given relief to hundreds of patients over the years. On your first visit, after reviewing your history  and examining your feet, a determination will be made if the ingrowing nail appears to be an infected or not infected.

If the nail is infected a small section the offending nail is removed and the infection is drained, Antibiotics, either orally, topically, or both depending on severity may be used after the procedure until healing takes place.

If the nail is not infected then, a segment of the offending nail is removed under anesthetic and the site is allowed to heal.

Often, ingrown nails are, or have been, a chronic problem. The definitive treatment for an ingrowing nail is the complete removal of the ingrown side or sides of the nail with the growth area of the nail treated with a cautery agent to prevent regrowth of the nail section that was removed thus preventing recurrence of the ingrown nails. These procedures are performed in the office on an out patient basis. Healing time after the procedure is usually approximately two weeks.

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